Preferment – meaning of the word and examples

Advancement or promotion in dignity, office, or station. (Merriam – Webster)

A position or office of honour or profit. (Merriam – Webster)

Preferment is the act of being given a better and more important job in an organisation. (Collins Dictionary)

Advancement or promotion, especially in the church. (

Promotion or appointment to a position or office. (Oxford Dictionaries)

The process by which someone receives a more important job, position, etc.: (Cambridge Dictionary).


Job Preferments. Buy a Job in Sicily.

Tony Abbott’s job appointments show political preferment and patronage alive and well.


3 thoughts on “Preferment – meaning of the word and examples

  1. Now I really have pay attention to put a hyphen in my pre-ferments 😉


  2. „to pay“, of course!


  3. Excellent…new word for me! You are performing a service for all of us! Thanks!


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