The endless party of Christmas

Thriving over every bad

looking synonyms for sad

sorrow, doleful, and the radio is of songs full

how can I not be good?

how can I not be happy?

It doesn’t matter the size of the party around you

because it is Christmas

we don’t rely on politicians, or companies or anything materialistic

we dedicate the time to something holly above all

to a spirit that no one can touch or distract

it is funny to tune into it

and how many stars how many famous people

don’t take it wrong, they just fill the party

solitude, how can it be?

in the internet era with so much contact

that makes you wonder

am I alone or with hundred views?

Christmas make you forget all unavailing

because Christmas are prevailing

and even stars and famous 

making silly jokes about turkey

which seem not serious

but we need them as a lesson of happiness

because it is Christmas

it has tot be a laugh.  


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