Enamel – meaning of the word and examples

Enamel is the hard white substance that forms the outer part of a tooth. (Collins Dictionary)

Enamel is a hard, shiny paint that is used especially for painting metal and wood. (Collins Dictionary)

Enamel is a substance like glass which can be heated and put onto metal, glass, or pottery in order to decorate or protect it. (Collins Dictionary)

An opaque or semi-transparent glossy substance that is a type of glass, applied by vitrification to metallic or other hard surfaces for ornament or as a protective coating. (Oxford Dictionaries)

A work of art executed in enamel. (Oxford Dictionaries)

The hard glossy substance that covers the crown of a tooth. (Oxford Dictionaries)

A paint that dries to give a smooth, hard coat. (Oxford Dictionaries)


Can Tooth Enamel Be Restored?

Beautiful Smile With White Teeth

What is tooth enamel?


Enamel Paint. 



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