Peel – meaning of the word and examples

To remove the skin of fruit and vegetables. (Cambridge Dictionary)

If a layer or covering peels, it slowly comes off, and if you peel a layer or covering, you remove it slowly and carefully. (Cambridge Dictionary)

If you peel, or part of your body or your skin peels, parts of the top layer of your skin comes off because you are burned from being in the sun. (Cambridge Dictionary) 

That which is peeled from something, as a piece of the skin or rind of a fruit. (

A strip of skin, rind, bark, etc, that has been peeled off. (Collins Dictionary)

A peeled-off strip, as of apple skin. (Collins Dictionary)

A peeled-off piece or strip. (Merriam -Webster)


Orange peels and avocado skins are 16-year-old’s brilliant, drought-fighting solution.

Candied Grapefruit Peel.

7 Amazing Benefits Of Peel Off Face Masks.


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