Book review – Point Counter Point – Aldous Huxley

A Flamingo Modern Classic. London 1994.

It is a book by a rebellious in spirit author who wants to push the morals of his time. He writes openly about sex describes situations with a man having fifteen wives but on the same time he supports loyalty. It seems that the author constructs the words and the phrases as being a sculpture and this is fascinating about this book.  The atmosphere of the book is often in dislike situations and in disgust and things of discomfort are interesting to the writer such a stinky man seating next in the Underground seat, the air which is tainted, and the room which is sick. The author had multiple traumas in his life that have made him pain and affected him in his work which is dark, such as the loss of his mother due to cancer the suicide of his brother and the illness in his eye. Kings behave as children without having evolved spiritually the women may worth only for their legs in other words he is cynical and heavy, but he emphasises love, he has humour, and tries to mingle his literature writing with science, being an artist and an philosopher of art. He has a critical view of things and he exaggerates but he also received critiques on his writings at his time which is the first half of the 20th century. 

Quotes from the book.

She was wise to be so silent; silence is as full of potential wisdom and wit as the unhewn marble of great sculpture. 

The sexual business was only an irrelevancy, unavoidable because unfortunately human beings had bodies, but to be kept as far as possible in the background. 

If you never had a religious experience it is folly to believe in God. You might as well believe in the excellence of oysters, when you can’t eat them without being sick. 

The idea that nationalisation will increase the prosperity of the workers is entirely fallacious. 

It was the battle of ”all for love” against ”anything for a quiet life”.

Wondering whether life was worth living and whether drowning were preferable as a mode of dying, to shooting. 

Allow me to present you my son Jesus Christ.

He wants to be treated as though he were his own colossal statue, erected by an admiring and grateful nation. 


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