Hunch – meaning of the word and examples

An idea that is based on feeling and for which there is no proof. (Cambridge Dictionary)

To push or put (someone or something) in a rough, careless, or hasty manner. (Merriam – Webster)

To thrust or bend (someone or something) over into a humped or crooked position. (Merriam – Webster)

If you have a hunch about something, you are sure that is correct or true, even though you do not have any proof. (Collins Dictionary)

If you hunch  forward, you raise your shoulders, put your head down, and lean forwards, often because you are cold, ill, or unhappy. (Collins Dictionary)


Once Upon A Hunch: Success begins when one follows a hunch based on love.

Hunch and Intuition in Decision Making.

Judgment Intuitive The Function of the Hunch in Judicial Decision.


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