Tumultuous – meaning of the word and examples

Very loud, or full of confusion, change, or uncertainty. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Marked by tumultloud, excited, and emotional. (Merriam -Webster)

Tending or disposed to cause or incite a tumult. (Merriam – Webster)

Marked by violent or overwhelming turbulence or upheaval. (Merriam -Webster)

Making an uproar or loud, confused noise. (Oxford Dictionaries)

Excited, confused, or disorderly. (Oxford Dictionaries)

tumultuous event or period of time involves many exciting and confusing events or feelings. (Collins Dictionary)

tumultuous reaction to something is very noisy, because the people involved are very happy or excited. (Collins Dictionary)


Tumultuous relationship between the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 viral infectivity factor (Vif) and the human APOBEC-3G and APOBEC-3F restriction factors.


The Dow’s tumultuous history, in one chart.


Tumultuous galaxy mergers better at switching on black holes.



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