Endow – meaning of the word and examples

To give a large amount of money to pay for creating a college, hospital, etc. or to provide an income for it. (Cambridge Dictionary)

To provide with a permanent fund or source of income: (Dictionary.com)

To furnish, as with some talent, faculty, or quality; equip: (Dictionary.com)

If someone says that a woman is well-endowed, they mean that she has large breasts. If someone says that a man is well-endowed, they mean that he has a large penis. People often use this expression if they are trying to be polite. (Collins Dictionary)

well-endowed organisation has a lot of money or resources. (Collins Dictionary)

To furnish with an income. (Merriam – Webster)

To make a grant of money providing for the continuing support or maintenance of. (Merriam – Webster)


VELUX Endowed Chair in Corporate Sustainability.


General endowed scholarships. 


Yale Prof Gets Endowed Chair Four Years After Harassment Finding.



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