Putrid – meaning of the word and examples

Decayed and having an unpleasant smell. (Cambridge Dictionary)

In a state of foul decay or decomposition, as animal or vegetable matter; rotten. (Dictionary.com)

Of, relating to, or attended by putrefaction. (Dictionary.com)

Having the odour of decaying flesh. (Dictionary.com)

Being in a state of putrefaction. Rotten. (Merriam – Webster)

Morally corrupt. (Merriam – Webster)

Totally objectionable. (Merriam – Webster)

(of organic matter) decaying or rotting and emitting a fetid smell. (Oxford Dictionaries)

Of or characteristic of rotting matter. (Oxford Dictionaries)


A Putrid, Green Bloom of Goo is Infiltrating Florida.


A man who pricked his finger and smelled putrid for 5 years. 


‘I meant dirty’: The Bachelor’s Liz defends calling Jennifer’s dress ‘putrid’ and insists if she thought it was ‘ugly’ she would have said so.



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