Reprieve – meaning of the word and examples

To delay the impending punishment or sentence of (a condemned person). (

To relieve temporarily from any evil. (

An official order that stops or delays the punishment, especially by death, of a prisoner. (Cambridge Dictionary)

An escape from a bad situation or experience: (Cambridge Dictionary)

If someone who has been sentenced in a court is reprieved, their punishment is officially delayed or cancelled. (Collins Dictionary)

reprieve is a delay before a very unpleasant or difficult situation which may or may not take place. (Collins Dictionary)

Cancel or postpone the punishment of (someone, especially someone condemned to death). (Oxford Dictionaries)

Abandon or postpone plans to close or abolish (something). (Oxford Dictionaries)


The trade for a reprieve. The challenge for the EU is to do everything possible to avoid a trade war.

Why Mary Jane Veloso got last-minute reprieve.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Gets A Reprieve, Will Continue To Be Brewed By MillerCoors.


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