Gallows – meaning of the word and examples

A wooden frame, consisting of a crossbeam on two uprights, on which are executed by hanging. (

A similar structure from which something is suspended. (

Execution by hanging: (

A wooden structure used, especially in the past, to hang criminals from as a form of execution (=killing as a punishment). (Cambridge Dictionary)

To frighten. (Collins Dictionary)

A frame usually of two upright posts and a transverse beam from which criminals are hanged. (Merriam – Webster)


The London gallows where pirates were hanged.

Gallows Superstitions and the Bodies of the Condemned.

In Defence of the Gallows: Justifications of Capital Punishment in New England Execution Sermons, 1674-1825.


2 thoughts on “Gallows – meaning of the word and examples

  1. have you encountered where the phrase “gallows humor” comes from? i hear that sometimes used. Must look into how others use it.


    1. No I hadn’t encountered it, I looked at it, is used in disaster, illness or death. Thank you for your comment.

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