Grit – meaning of the word and examples

Very small pieces of stone or sand. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Small loose particles of stone or sand. (Oxford Dictionaries)

(with numeral) indicating the grade of fineness of an abrasive. (Oxford Dictionaries)

Grit is very small pieces of stone. It is often put on roads in winter to make them less slippery. (Collins Dictionary)

If someone has grit, they have the determination and courage to continue doing something even though it is very difficult. (Collins Dictionary)

Grits are coarsely ground grains of corn which are cooked and eaten for breakfast  or as part of a meal in the southern United States. (Collins Dictionary)

Sand, gravel. (Merriam – Webster) 

A hard sharp granule (as of sand). (Merriam – Webster)


Why Companies Are Searching For Employees With Grit.

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

Guts and grit carry Blackhawks.


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