Can the sea water reactions create iron? Fishing with electricity

 By applying the battery to the shore, at the point of the appliance the fast formation of helium creates a cool spot whereas by adding nitrogen at various other points the difference in temperature is sensible. Sparkles of iron appear very fast after the addition of nitrogen proving that the constant motion of seawater has the required energy to form helium alpha particles and other elements further right on the periodic table such as oxygen, and iron. Iron is copious in land but is missing in a great extent at sea. Therefore the point of creating iron at sea using the power of the water adds a rare and useful element for sea’s biological organisms. The application of electricity inside the water brings a cleaning power into it, by working in the same way as in the water tank. On the other hand the electricity affects the brain of the fish and gives to them an electrotaxis during their swim in a semi-anaesthetic way rendering them an easier catch.

The moral issue about fish with electricity is that is unfair for the fisherman to battle other boats non fishing boats which have so much new technology meaning that the fisherman should have equal new technologies. Besides the oil spills big or small are a daily routine especially in closed or semi-enclosed seas so the fishermen need a ”weapon” an electrifying method to fish so as to be fast and sustainable on the competition from maritime business boats and tourist yacht boats.


2 thoughts on “Can the sea water reactions create iron? Fishing with electricity

  1. interesting moral question. Thank you for following my blog.

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    1. Yes it is a moral question in the sense that some people may want to exploit natural resources in a massive level. Thank you for the comment.


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