Blink – meaning of the word and examples

When you blink, you close and then open your eyes quickly once or several times, and when an eye blinks, it does this. (Cambridge Dictionary)

When a machine is on the blink, it is not working correctly. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Shut and open the eyes quickly. (Oxford Dictionaries)

Try to control or prevent tears by blinking. (Oxford Dictionaries)

React to (something) with surprise or disapproval. (Oxford Dictionaries)

Back down from a confrontation. (Oxford Dictionaries)

(of a light) flash on and off in a regular or intermittent way. (Oxford Dictionaries)

When you blink or when you blink your eyes, you shut your eyes and very quickly open them again. (Collins Dictionary)

When a light blinks, it flashes on and off. (Collins Dictionary)

To look with half-shut eyes. (Merriam – Webster)

To close and open the eyes involuntarily. (Merriam – Webster)


The Free Dictionary, blink.

Liars are exposed by blinking.


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