Bailiff – meaning of the word and examples

bailiff is a law officer who makes sure that the decisions of a court are obeyed. Bailiffs can take a person’s furniture or possessions away if the person owes money. (Collins Dictionary)

bailiff is an official in a court of law who deals with tasks such as keeping control in court. (Collins Dictionary)

An official who takes away someone’s possessions when they owe money. (Cambridge Dictionary)

An official who is responsible for prisoners who are appearing in court. (Cambridge Dictionary)

A person whose job is to take care of someone else’s land or property. (Cambridge Dictionary)

A sheriff’s officer who executes writs and processes and carries out distraints and arrests. (Oxford Dictionaries)

The agent of a landlord. (Oxford Dictionaries)


Difference between Sheriff and Bailiff.

Beating the bailiffs guide.


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