Calendar day 3

Steel and aluminium are the materials of the boat or something else? How we calculate the builders cost of a boat in a banana republic where unions strike for ridiculous wage increases? Ηοw much it cost to build a fishing boat anyway? Displacement of the boat could have gone same line with the cost. How in the today’s word of cheap computation would someone estimate the gross profit margin of the builder? What to add more on the price depending on which materials to use and does the builder build at the best possible pace?

Cans of food made of recyclable feron and cans of drinks made mostly of aluminium would be the source to work under the plan.  Aluminium is more present in the super market in cans of fish or pet foods compared to iron. Only a few food products were canned in iron. The fisherman was cutting the feron cans in very small pieces at the size of 2-3 mm and the aluminium in parts of 5 cm. By adding both feron and aluminium in barrels alongside of water with other metals too such as tinplate, which is tin with feron then their contact would help the corrosion of feron and therefore its availability to the plants. Aluminium oxide wouldn’t help the creation of irrigating water because aluminium is not beneficial to the plants neither to phytoplankton so the plan was to keep separately the feron from the aluminium, whereas tin was just a lesson of the galvanic properties and it wouldn’t suit anymore to buy the chocolates in the tinplates. Feron rusts fast when both oxygen and water is present so that process would give rich irrigating water for the trees in the community and assistance to the plankton in the surface waters.


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