Nod – meaning of the word and examples

To move your head down and then up, sometimes several times, especially to show agreement, approval, or greeting, or to show something by doing this. (Cambridge Dictionary)

A movement up and down with the head. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Lower and raise one’s head slightly and briefly, especially in greeting, assent, or understanding, or to give someone a signal. (Oxford Dictionaries)

To make a quick downward motion of the head whether deliberately (as in expressing assent or salutation) or involuntarily (as from drowsiness) (Merriam – Webster)

If you nod, you move your head downwards and upwards to show that you are answering ‘yes’ to a question, or to show agreement, understanding, or approval. (Collins Dictionary)


Is that a yes or a no when you nod your head?

What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘A nod is as good as a wink’?

To a person who is ready to understand or undertake something, any subtle signalling of it is sufficient.


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