Calendar day 4

At the gulf there were such a variety of boats, there was the military base the main fishing ports with trawler boats but also recreational trawler boats that have similar shapes with the fishing trawlers. Busy trade routes ships aligned one behind the other on the horizon, containers, oil tankers, passenger boats, taxi boats for the near by islands, small passenger crafts, work boats, tour boats, diving boats, ambulance and rescue boats, patrol boats, small trailerable boats and among all these masses the shore fisherman who needed to survive. Too much volume of foreign boats to his kind, he was trying to apply the fishing philosophy on whatever he was doing. Imagine that a search on the internet is equal to catching a fish then that is what it means to have the fishing philosophy. To see the internet as sea and the good searches as quality fish, and that would mean that the fisherman would want to read everything he could.

The pride of fishing posts such as those that discovered new styles in fishing boats were about only to admire. The angler next to the fisherman managed to catch a garfish and a sparidae species with a fishing rod. Another garfish was in the surface water and been brought in the discussion of the two men about the technique of catching them with threads. The angler said that he is using them and he explained that he also makes catches with bread and cheese in the hooks.

The day was very bright for very good for observations of fish behaviour in the water. The function of the euphotic zone affects the fish and when the sun is at a high point in the sky the fish were going further deep exploiting more of the seabed. It is the phenomenon of phototaxis that gives information to the fishermen about where to expect the fish. In the afternoon when the light was less the fish couldn’t see in the bottom and they were rising higher up to the surface and this is logical to happen.


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