Tub – meaning of the word and examples

A large, round container with a flat base and an open top. (Cambridge Dictionary)

A small plastic container with a lid, used for storing food. (Cambridge Dictionary)

tub is a deep container of any size. (Collins Dictionary)

tub of something is the amount of it contained in a tub. (Collins Dictionary)

A wide, open, deep, typically round container with a flat bottom used for holding liquids, growing plants, etc. (Oxford Dictionaries)

A small plastic or cardboard container in which food is bought or stored. (Oxford Dictionaries)

The contents of a tub or the amount it can contain. (Oxford Dictionaries)

A washtub. (Oxford Dictionaries)

A small round container in which a product is sold. (Merriam – Webster)

A wide low vessel originally formed with wooden staves, round bottom, and hoops. (Merriam – Webster)


Bathtub. Wikipedia.


Laundry Room Wash Tub



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