Smear – meaning of the word and examples

To spread a liquid or a thick substance over a surface. (Cambridge Dictionary)

To publicly accuse someone of something unpleasant, unreasonable, or unlikely to be true in order to harm their reputation. (Cambridge Dictionary)

If you smear a surface with an oily or sticky substance or smear the substance onto the surface, you spread a layer of the substance over the surface. (Collins Dictionary)

smear is a dirty or oily mark. (Collins Dictionary)

To smear someone means to spread unpleasant and untrue rumours or accusations about them in order to damage their reputation. (Collins Dictionary)

smear is an unpleasant and untrue rumour or accusation that is intended to damage someone’s reputation. (Collins Dictionary)

smear or a smear test is a medical test in which a few cells are taken from a woman’s cervix and examined to see if any cancer cells are present. (Collins Dictionary)


Pap (cervical) smear test.

Overview of the Pap Smear Procedure.


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