Surge – meaning of the word and examples

A sudden and great increase. (Cambridge Dictionary)

A sudden and great movement forward. (Cambridge Dictionary)

A sudden increase of an emotion. (Cambridge Dictionary)

A sudden powerful forward or upward movement, especially by a crowd or by a natural force such as the tide. (Oxford Dictionaries)

A sudden large increase, typically a temporary one. (Oxford Dictionaries)

A major deployment of military forces to reinforce those already in a particular area. (Oxford Dictionaries)

A powerful rush of an emotion or feeling. (Oxford Dictionaries)

A sudden marked increase in voltage or current in an electric circuit. (Oxford Dictionaries)

surge is a sudden large increase in something that has previously been steady, or has only increased or developed slowly. (Collins Dictionary)

If something surges, it increases suddenly and greatly, after being steady or developing only slowly. (Collins Dictionary)

If a crowd of people surge forward, they suddenly move forward together. (Collins Dictionary)

surge is a sudden powerful movement of a physical force such as wind or water. (Collins Dictionary)


Hurricane Landfall and Storm Surges.

What is storm surge and why is it dangerous?


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