Sickly – meaning of the word and examples

Weak, unhealthy, and often sick. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Somewhat unwell. (Merriam – Webster)

Produced by or associated with sickness. (Merriam – Webster)

Producing or tending to produce disease: Unwholesome. (Merriam – Webster)

Appearing as if sick. (Merriam – Webster)

Lacking in vigour: weak. (Merriam – Webster)

sickly person or animal is weak, unhealthy, and often ill. (Collins Dictionary)

sickly smell or taste is unpleasant and makes you feel slightly sick, often because it is extremely sweet. (Collins Dictionary)

Often ill; in poor health. (Oxford Dictionaries)

(of a person’s complexion or expression) indicative of poor health. (Oxford Dictionaries)


Bigstock. Sickly man image.

Believer’s magazine.

“Among” The Corinthians (5): Many Weak and Sickly “Among You”


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