Chattel – meaning of the word and examples

A personal possession: (Cambridge Dictionary)

Chattels are things that belong to you. (Collins Dictionary)

An item of tangible movable or immovable property except real estate and things (such as buildings) connected with real property. (Merriam – Webster)

(in general use) a personal possession. (Oxford Dictionaries)


Chattel Real in Real Estate: Definition & Examples.

Personal chattel

For intestate deaths before 1 October 2014, personal chattels is defined as carriages, horses, stable furniture and effects, motor cars and accessories, garden effects, domestic animals, plate, plated articles, linen, china, glass, books, pictures, prints, furniture, jewellery, articles of house or personal use or ornament, musical or scientific instruments and apparatus, wines, liquors and consumable stores, but do not include any chattels used at the death of the intestate person for business purposes, nor money or securities for money (section 55(1)(x), Administration of Estates Act 1925).


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