Harness – meaning of the word and examples

A piece of equipment with straps and belts, used to control or hold in place a person, animal, or object. (Cambridge Dictionary)

If you harness something such as an emotion or natural source of energy, you bring it under your control and use it. (Collins Dictionary)

harness is a set of straps which fit under a person’s arms and fasten round their body in order to keep a piece of equipment in place or to prevent the person moving from a place. (Collins Dictionary)

harness is a set of leather straps and metal links fastened round a horse’s head or body so that the horse can have a carriage, cart, or plough fastened to it. (Collins Dictionary)

If a horse or other animal is harnessed, a harness is put on it, especially so that it can pull a carriage, cart, or plough. (Collins Dictionary)

The equipment other than a yoke of a draft animal. (Merriam – Webster)

Gear, equipment. (Merriam – Webster)

A set of straps and fittings by which a horse or other draught animal is fastened to a cart, plough, etc. and is controlled by its driver. (Oxford Dictionaries)

An arrangement of straps for fastening something such as a parachute to a person’s body or for restraining a young child. (Oxford Dictionaries)


Meaning of harness in Longman.


A Glossary Of Harness Parts & Related Terms



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