Calendar day 5

Fishing in only one fishery can be more effective due to reduced cost of transportation but the visits to ports around give a broader knowledge. The near by port is big with a lot of sailing boats and yachts some of them being really huge offering a kind of shelter to fish shoals under their keels. The waters are green and quite eutrophic whereas the fish seemed to shoal in distinctive biomasses on each species of them. There was a huge dock and the anglers were in a row trying for fish. The fisherman adapted his rod with a big float so as to reach the desired depth and he caught a Mugil cephalus.

The fuel cost per distance at sea has a meaning in boat design in the sense that the load should be small in order to avoid high cost of fuel per distance. In case the fisherman wanted to have a cargo such as fish feed then he had two choices either to go slow for reduction of fuel cost or to put little cargo each time on the boat.


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