Electrofishing’s site

In boat electrofishing the boat itself works as a cathode and the electrodes that they fish are the anodes. In this site there is very good job in electrofishing with variety of electrofishers for biological and commercial reasons in areas that electrofishing is allowed and performed properly with safety.

Electrotaxis is about to induce it so as to harvest the fish. When the fish get a return within two minutes that would mean that the fish is not harmed because is little time of their shock. Electricity causes muscular convulsion and anaesthesia to the fish. As safety measure examples are high output current protection and electrode out of the water shut down sensor. The boat is operating with mounted batteries of 12 V and the current is quite high at 400 W power with a peak current of 24,750 W. It is ideal that more than one people to operate it so as the one to be on the electrodes and the other to catch fish in an dip net.


This is the map which shows where about the shop is.


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