Fishing calendar day 6

What would you do for your teacher, for yourself for the success in fishing? There is this shop of electrofishing in the USA. Would you go to learn how to achieve your grande accomplishment? The boat it self acts as a cathode and the cathodes are mounted within the boat whereas the anode arrays enter the water. The safety is coming first and there should be a high output current protection or electrode out of the water shut down sector. Electricity is about to induce electrotaxis to fish in order to harvest them, to cause to the fish muscular convulsion and anaesthesia. Two persons at least need to operate such boat apart from the captain, one to operate the anodes and the other to catch the fish with the dip net and the electrical current should have great power.

The time of the closed season was approaching however many people do not know the basic law of fishing and they implement other laws smaller, less important to the ecosystem and more related to tourist boats as property items that the fisherman would like to dump. The law of closed season says that fishing is not allowed by any boat during the summer period starting from the 1st of June and ending at the end of September. It is a law about to help fish, which laid their eggs mainly in May and need to be in a resting season.   Fish that laid eggs in May, would be exhausted soon after and they would be an easy catch for boat fishing. This fact would reduce fish populations and the fisherman had a history of blaming such people.

The guards at the port seemed not to care about the fishing law and their main task was to protect the docked boats from thieves. They wouldn’t allow people not even to take photographs so the only choice for information about boat designs would be the Internet and the books. Many books even of different kind they help on this and as an example even an aircraft book would explain to the fisherman that a landing from the air is equal to a catch whereas the motor vehicle book would show details in drawings of engine parts. The electrofishing boat site was looking complex with many features and details and the fisherman would need poetry to express his desire to have a ready electrofishing boat with all equipment on board in operation. Array of anodes, the barge it self, the booms, the batteries the gloves, the rectifiers, the junction boxes, the control boxes the switchers and the adapters.

The natural condition of the sea environment inside the port has been altered due to the large quantities of petroleum leakages from the boats. In many parts of the port it was difficult to see the fish, because of the petroleum cover. During the afternoon the fish were not seen higher in the water column as they were expected due the shift of the euphotic zone because petroleum was depriving this. The petroleum from these boats has affected the lives of fish and other marine organisms to different behaviour than normal.

Within the closed season there is no better time so as to help the plankton and the fish growth. Apart from bread fish eat cheese and many kinds of vegetable. Tomato and cucumber helped so as to give perfume inside the petroleum water and attract the fish however vegetables are expensive and the fisherman needed something cheaper so as to have a sustainable feed to the fish and that would be to return the algae washed to the wave back to the sea in order to feed the fish.


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