Fishing calendar day 7

At the main port there are also fish to observe however they are less in number and the canal nearby has the most eutrophic waters of the whole gulf. It is a question how the few fish found there can receive oxygen because this green layer of excessive plankton growth together with infinite numbers of bacteria block the exchange of gases between the atmosphere and the water.

A rainstorm did things even worse because the turbulence on the seabed brought upwards the anoxic conditions that prevail in the seabed and that smells awful. Some oxygen may have entered the waters due to the wind but anyway there wasn’t a pleasant place to sit with the fishing rod due to the anoxic conditions.

The introspective analysis of the fisherman were that his actions may scathe people. Adding pebbles at sea produce oxygen but also cause confusion perhaps to captains of other boats because they alter the geology of the sea bed, the current, and the wave. When a man would produce water by pruning trees or oxygen by the erosion of pebbles which contain oxygen, other people would do opposite and pollute and that would be scary. Marketing people in their simpleton type who support one brand compared to another which their products do the same thing would seem filthy even to every simple production such as water, oxygen, or home electricity output.


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