Swab – meaning of the word and examples

A small piece of soft material used for cleaning a cut or for taking a small amount of substance from a body, or the substance itself that can be tested. (Cambridge Dictionary)

A small piece of soft material on a short stick. (Cambridge Dictionary)

swab is a small piece of cotton wool used by a doctor or nurse for cleaning a wound or putting a substance on it. (Collins Dictionary)

If you swab something, you clean it using a wet cloth or a tool called a mop. (Collins Dictionary)

A wad of absorbent material usually wound around one end of a small stick and used especially for applying medication or for removing material from an area. (Merriam – Webster)

An absorbent pad or piece of material used in surgery and medicine for cleaning wounds, applying medication, or taking specimens. (Oxford Dictionaries)


Foam swab absorb tip.


Thomann Anfree Swab DB61 Clarinet.



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