Frisk – meaning of the word and example

To use your hands to search someone’s body when they are wearing clothes to see if they are hiding illegal objects or weapons. (Cambridge Dictionary)

To move around in a happy, energetic way. (Cambridge Dictionary)

If someone frisks you, they search you, usually with their hands in order to see if you are hiding a weapon or something else such as drugs in your clothes. (Collins Dictionary)

To leap, move about, or act in a playful manner; frolic. (Collins Dictionary)

To leap, skip, or dance in a lively or playful way: Gambol. (Merriam – Webster)

(of a police officer or other official) pass the hands over (someone) in a search for hidden weapons, drugs, or other items. (Oxford Dictionaries)

Skip or leap playfully; frolic. (Oxford Dictionaries)


Stop and frisk lower gun related violence


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