Planets Venus and Jupiter shown from the Earth in photo camera after the oil spill

The equatorial jet of Venus after the oil spill in Piraeus, Greece. The Carbon Dioxide from the oil spill trapped sun rays to the point a cheap camera can shoot the Planet Venus. 

The disc in the picture is the equator of Venus.
The equatorial jet of the planet Venus. Also the planet Jupiter is shown dimly in all three photos below Venus and slightly to the right. 

It is remarkable and true, the extra sun light trapped by the carbon dioxide of the oil spill is enough for the photo camera to shoot planets. The hydrocarbons of the oil spill brought down by the shipwreck decompose firstly to carbonic acid and then to carbon dioxide. The light is a mass is photons that let their imprint on the camera without meaning that the carbon dioxide filled all the space between the planet earth and the rest of the planets. What it did is that it added some points of more photons which proved to be enough for capturing the planets with the photo camera. The photos where taken seven months after the oil spill of the ship Agia Zoni II.

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